Virus Removal

Lets Us Get Rid of Stubborn Computer Viruses

Many technology users believe that it is possible for them permanently secure their computers against attacks, thus allowing them to click on anything, visiting any sites they wish because they may have a security system and an anti-virus program that will save them. It's up to you to take some responsibility for your online actions and modify them to give your programs the best chance of protecting you. your protection can never be absolute.

Some of the most common ways to pick up an infection include:

P2P file sharing - peer to peer file sharing programs. By using P2P you are increasing your chances of getting your computer infected.

Infected e-mails - are one of the oldest ways of distributing malware, yet it's amazing how many people still get infected by opening them.

Clicking on Pop-ups - it is surprising how many people get infected by the simple act of clicking OK on a pop-up Window. If you're not sure that the source of the pop-up is from a source that you trust, then do not click on it.

Downloading Freeware is another trendy way to contract an infection.

Phishing - is a new method of exploiting people online, where the attacker tries to convince them to part with valuable information, such as site passwords, bank account details, etc., by pretending to be legitimate organization. RTS Computer technicians are highly skilled and trained to combat Malware and virus variants in your computing environment. Contact RTS computers today through our remote portal for immediate assistance.